Architectural Design & CGIs

Our in-house architectural designers provide a range of services, from initial design concepts through to 3D visualisations and full architectural plans.

Architectural design

Our architectural designer works closely with our planners to provide all the visual information needed to support planning submissions and discussions.

With wide-ranging experience on both residential and commercial projects, our designer can work with you from the earliest scoping stage right through to the building work.

Architectural visualisations

Our 3D designers can produce Computer-Generated Image (CGI) models of your proposals to show exactly how your development will look visually in the local surroundings. This enables us to identify any constraints, such as light and shadowing over neighbouring properties, before the planning process gets underway.

Our 3D visualisations often play a crucial role in ensuring positive discussions with council planning officers and the local community at both the pre-planning and full planning application stages. Many clients also use our 3D visualisations in their subsequent sales and marketing – reflecting the high standards of the design.

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