Case study

Teffont, Wiltshire

Teffont, Wiltshire

New 4 Bed Home

Following a successful planning application for one new home at a site in the Wiltshire village of Teffont, our client asked CHP to revamp the remaining bungalow. The existing building was ill-placed and run-down and as such, CHP identified that to best maximise the value of the site the bungalow needed to be replaced.

Having highlighted the constraints of the site, including its location within a Conservation Area, CHP followed the Teffont Village Design Statement to help create a well-designed four-bedroom chalet bungalow. Utilising our multi-disciplinary team, CHP submitted a range of artist’s impressions to the Council to argue that the proposal would enhance the character and appearance of the Conservation Area and leave residential amenity unharmed.

The Full Planning Application faced objections from neighbours and the Parish Council, citing their concern with the proposed dormer windows not complying with the Teffont Village Design Statement and its similarities to the previously approved home. We argued, however, that many buildings were situated within Teffont with dormer windows, and that our proposal was well-designed and would both preserve and enhance the appearance of the Conservation Area - It was a clear improvement compared to the existing bungalow.

This argument was presented to the Case Officer, who agreed, and recommended approval when it was heard at the Wiltshire Council Planning Committee. Our team put forward our case supporting the proposal and Councilors voted to approve the application.

With the Planning Conditions now discharged by our team, construction has commenced.