Case study

Barnet, London

Barnet, London

Successful Appeal for a 3 Storey Block of Flats Adjacent to an area of Metropolitan Open Land

Following a refused planning application for a block of 9 new flats, Charter House Planning were approached to provide expert planning advice and strategy. Our Planning Team advised the clients that we considered it possible to successfully challenge the decision from the London Borough of Barnet at Appeal and were quickly instructed to prepare the relevant information.

The refused application was for a slightly enlarged version of a previously approved scheme of new build flats on the site, with the clients hoping to increase the height of the building so more useable space in the top floor flats could be achieved.

The LPA’s decision was based on the presumption that the proposal would have an adverse impact upon the adjacent Sunny Hill Park, which is a large parcel of protected Metropolitan Open Land. However, it was clear to our team that the revisions to the proposal would not create any significant impact upon the park. Indeed, although the massing of the proposed building had increased, the design ensured that its bulk was more evenly distributed than the approved scheme.

In response, our team produced a comprehensive Statement of Case arguing that it is the openess of the park that is of most importance and worthy of protection, and that the small changes to the proposals from what was previously approved would not undermine this important aspect of its character. To support our planning arguements, our 3D Designers produced a series of photomontages showing views of the two designs (approved and refused) from different areas of the park. These clearly showed the minimal difference between the two, and the appointed Planning Inspector accepted CHP’s argument, allowing the Appeal.